You’ve seen firsthand how rewards and incentives can drive meaningful business results.

Now, we want to help other professionals discover the benefits of digital gift cards—and we need your help.

Do you have an industry peer whose company could benefit from working with us? Enter their information to the right and let us take care of the rest.

To show our appreciation, you’ll receive a $250 Reward Link®, subject to meeting the requirements set forth in the Official Terms and Conditions below, for each referral when they successfully complete their first order.

Who are the best candidates to refer?

    • HR professionals and team managers looking to increase employee engagement or program compliance
    • Research professors and students who’ve secured grants at their universities
    • Sales leaders looking to increase demo bookings
    • Marketing professionals conducting quantitative or qualitative research
    • Business owners and marketing professionals looking to build and expand their customer loyalty and advocacy programs
    • Rebate program managers

Things to keep in mind:

    • You must submit the referral’s work email address associated with their current company. Email addresses ending in @yahoo, @gmail, @hotmail, or any other personal accounts will not be accepted.
    • The person you refer cannot already be a Tango customer.

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