Webinar: Easy holiday rewards your employees actually want

On-demand recording



Discover how you can recognize the hard work of your employees, boost morale, and spread holiday cheer with thoughtful, well-timed, and personalized rewards.

Instead of trying to guess the perfect reward this season, consider taking a different approach. Let your employees choose their hard-earned rewards with digital gift cards. We’ll show you how we do it here at Tango!

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why reward choice matters when it comes to employee recognition
  • Our leadership team’s approach to employee recognition
  • The digital tools we rely on to streamline e-gift card fulfillment and delivery
  • How you can send rewards to all your employees, including those living internationally

Meet the speakers


David Leeds
Founder and CEO


Cindy Mielke
VP of Strategic Partnerships


Jess Buerkle
Senior Manager, SMB