The ultimate guide: Mastering employee rewards and recognition

Elevate your employee engagement and retention with a revamped recognition strategy.

Rewards, incentives, and payouts are powerful tools for companies working to achieve their objectives. A well-crafted rewards or payouts program can help you foster employee engagement and retention, increase lead generation, improve customer loyalty, enhance research participation, or grow adoption of new initiatives. But how do you make the most of your program while mitigating security risks, preventing fraud, serving global recipients, and ensuring you select the right partner?

Ultimate Guide2

In this guide, we dive into:

How recognition programs help you reach your goals
     - Reduce turnover
     - Increase productivity

     - Boost engagement

The types of employee recognition programs
     - Milestone recognition
     - Peer-to-peer recognition

     - Spot bonuses
     - Holiday rewards

How to choose the right recognition program
- Choosing the right program for your organization
     - Choosing the right rewards for your organization

Five steps to launch your program
    - Five steps to launch your program
    - Setting parameters
    - Setting up reporting
    - Sending launch communications
    - Monitoring your program

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